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Activation of elderly people with elements of animation

Online course

Being active is important in every stage of our lives. This especially applies at an old age. In a vital way, it influences happiness and human condition. It is synonymous with life and is the basis of treatment for many diseases. Being active delays the aging process. It is connected with the needs of the elderly: social contacts, personal development, self-esteem. The type of activity depends on a person’s health condition, financial resources and the possessed amount of social skills.

Category Category: Health Time commitment Time commitment: 20 hours Difficulty Difficulty: Beginner
Activation of elderly people with elements of animation

Online course description

Aspects of activation of the elderly are discussed in this course. Participants will learn how to use and fill the free time of elderly people, as well as how to prevent withdrawal from life and activity of seniors. The course is dedicated in particular to carers of elderly people, people organizing leisure time for elderly people, and social workers.

The certificate we issue does not authorize any practice of a profession, it does not replace a university diploma or other documents required by law in order to practice the profession. It does, however, confirm the fulfilment of the knowledge and skills, as well as working on one’s own development, which in itself is of value and may constitute a competitive advantage on the labour market.

What you will learn

  • about conditions and possibilities of activating the elderly
  • job specificities of working with elderly people
  • how to organize activation activities
  • rules of proper communication with an elderly person
  • identification of barriers in communication with the elderly and overcoming them.

Table of contents

  • Module 1 | The aging process of the human body
  • Module 2 | The role and significance of social activity of seniors
  • Module 3 | Basics of the theory of social and cultural animation and activation of seniors
  • Module 4 | Spending time actively with an elderly person
  • Module 5 | Communication and contact with a senior

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