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Frequently Asked Questions

In the following categories you will find answers to frequently asked questions. You can also visit this site for details regarding certificate and delivery. We deliver it within United Kingdom but also worldwide.

  • How do I sign up for a course?
    To sign up for a course, you simply have to purchase it via the option “BUY NOW”.
  • What to do if my payment option is not on the site?
    Contact us at: info@londonspd.com
  • How do I begin a course after making the payment?
    A course can be started by logging onto the training platform (https://platform.londonspd.com/), using the log-in details sent by us to the e-mail address provided by the participant.
  • How will I receive access to the training platform?
    Access to the platform is sent in an e-mail message, directly after purchasing a course.
  • What do I do if I did not receive log-in details to the training platform?
    Firstly, it is important to check the SPAM folder and all other subfolders, such as: OFFERS. If you have still not found the message with log-in details in your e-mailbox, write to us at: info@londonspd.com
  • How can I obtain an invoice/bill for the course?
    An invoice will be automatically sent to the e-mail address from which you started the order.
  • I forgot my password to the platform, what do I do?
    Use the option of recovering log-in details on the training platform or write to us at: info@londonspd.com, we will manually reset your access details to the platform.
  • Can a discount code be used for any course?
    A discount code can be used for any course, with the exception of discounted courses.
  • Are courses strictly online?
    Yes, courses are only in an online format.
  • What do I need to start the course?
    To use the training platform, it is necessary to use computer equipment that meets the following technical conditions: a computer connected to the internet (min. 512kb/s), a graphical web browser that supports JavaScript (e.g., Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera) and also supports so-called cookies, installed software for reading PDF files (e.g., Adobe Reader, Foxit Reader). (These are the requirements for CRP)
  • How much time is there to complete a course?
    The deadline for completing the course is 90 days from the first date of logging into the training platform. The deadline may be extended at the request of the Participant.
  • What period of time is the platform accessible for?
    After purchasing a course, access to the platform is permanent.
  • Are there designated specific dates for completing a course?
    No, each participant completes material in their own free time.
  • In what form are the learning materials?
    Learning materials are only in the form of PDF files.
  • Will learning materials be available for download?
    Yes, materials can be downloaded from the training platform and printed.
  • Is a course finished with an exam?
    Each course contains tests checking knowledge after each module, as well as one open question. Tests should be passed with at least 70% in order to obtain a diploma and certificate. The answer to an open question is marked by us 2 times a day. Tests, similar to materials, can be solved in own free time.
  • Do tests have a time-limit?
    No, tests do not have a time-limit.
  • Can tests be repeated?
    Yes, for tests there is an unlimited amount of attempts.
  • When will my answer to the open question be marked?
    Answers are marked within 1 working day from the moment it is saved on the platform.
  • In what way will I be informed about completing a course?
    Receiving an e-mail containing a link in the text to the form for sending documents, is synonymous to completing the course.
  • In what way will documents be delivered after completing a course?
    • Shipping within the UK:
      - Express Courier - preparation and shipment of certificate within 3 working days from the time of completion.
      - Mail - preparation and shipment of certificate within 10 working days from time of completion.
    • Shipping to other countries:
      - FedEx Courier - date and cost of shipping the certificate depends on the country, to which we are delivering it to. Exact information can be found here.
    • Electronic Delivery:
      - A document in an electronic version - preparation and delivery of certificate within 2 working days from time of completion.
  • How to report the completion of a course?
    Each participant informs us about the completion of the course via the form for sending documents, which is sent to each participant by e-mail, after we have accepted the answer to the open question. If you have completed a course and have not received this e-mail, write to us at: info@londonspd.com - we will send you a link to the form again.
  • What to do, in order to obtain the documents?
    In aims of obtaining documents, you must complete a course, meaning passing all the tests with min. 70% as well as answering one open question.
  • Is it possible to obtain a duplicate of a document?
    Of course, in accordance with our regulations, the price of issuing a duplicate comes to £5 + cost of shipping. In order to obtain a duplicate, write to us at: info@londonspd.com