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Medical Caregiver

Online course

The tasks and duties of a medical caregiver include, above all, the performance of broadly understood care and nursing activities related to the care of those in need. They consist of helping the elderly, sick or dependent for other reasons in meeting their basic life needs. This course is a concise compendium describing more comprehensively the activities of a caregiver.

Category Category: Health Time commitment Time commitment: 20 hours Difficulty Difficulty: Begginer
Medical Caregiver

Online course description

The responsibilities of a medical carer include recognising and solving the patient's care problems, as well as undertaking comprehensive cooperation with medical or therapeutic staff and assist during nursing or rehabilitation treatments. Additionally, their task is to maintain and professionally disinfect tools and utensils used during these treatments

The certificate we issue does not authorize any practice of a profession, it does not replace a university diploma or other documents required by law in order to practice the profession. It does, however, confirm the fulfilment of the knowledge and skills, as well as working on one’s own development, which in itself is of value and may constitute a competitive advantage on the labour market.

What you will learn

  • the basic processes taking place in the human body
  • elements of health education
  • nursing and hygienic activities as part of medical care
  • basics of occupational therapy
  • first aid techniques.

Table of contents

  • Module 1 | An outline of human physiology and pathophysiology
  • Module 2 | Health promotion, health education and disease prevention
  • Module 3 | Caring for a chronically ill person, an elderly person and a disabled person
  • Module 4 | Occupational therapy, activation and psychoprophylaxis
  • Module 5 | Basics of pre-medical first aid

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