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Terms & conditions

Binding Regulations of the www.londonspd.com Website and Training Platform:

1. Rules and definitions
The regulations define the rules, scope, and conditions of using the www.londonspd.com website and the platform.londonspd.com training platform. The Regulations are binding for all users of the Website and Platform, hereinafter referred to as Users. 
For the purposes of these Regulations, the terms indicated below have the following meaning:
1) Administrator/Seller/Organizer - London School of Personal Development LTD, held at 590 Kingston Road, London, SW20 8DN, United Kingdom, Company Number 13231674  registered at The Registrar of Companies for England and Wales.
2) User/Client/Buyer - a natural person or a legal person or an organizational unit without legal personality that uses the www.londonspd.com Website
 3) Course - on-line training prepared by the Organizer
 4) Account - assigned to a given User, by means of which the User may carry out specific actions on the Website. The account is associated with a name and surname as well as an e-mail address provided during user registration.
5) Training platform - an educational platform available at platform.londonspd.com,
 6) Sales contract - a contract concluded by the London School Of Personal Development with the Website's Client, in the manner specified in these Regulations
 7) Order - the Client's declaration of will submitted via the Order Form and aimed directly at concluding a Sales Agreement with the Seller.
8) Form after completing the course - an electronic form including personal data necessary to issue a certificate as well as an address for sending documents, the Participant receives a link to the course completion Form by e-mail after completing the course.

2. Concluding a sale agreement
1) The Client may place orders 24 (twenty four) hours a day via the londonspd.com website
 2) A contract is concluded when the user places an Order with the use of the Order Form.
3) In the Order Form, the Client indicates the:
 - Name and surname of the course participant
 - Address
 - Telephone number and e-mail address to which the account on the Training Platform will be assigned
 By completing the Form, the User confirms that the data contained in the Form is accurate and complete, and agrees to the provisions of these Regulations, recognizing their binding nature.
4) After completing the Order Form, the Client selects the "Place an order and proceed to payment" button.
5) It is not possible to place an order without completing the Order Form, except for orders based on a pro-foma invoice. Such an order including pro-forma data should be submitted via e-mail at: info@londonspd.com
 6) The order is considered as accepted at the time when the Seller sends the Client a confirmation of accepting the order via e-mail to the e-mail address provided by the Client when placing the order.
7) The Organizer/Seller reserves that preparing/supplementing separate documentation concerning implementing a course/courses presented by the Client/Buyer shall charge an additional fee of 50 pounds for each clock hour devoted to its preparation, the amount of the fee may not be lower than 50 pounds. This fee does not apply to Clients/Buyers whose order amounts to a minimum of 750 pounds.
3. Payment forms
In the case of placing an order by a Buyer who has correctly completed the Order Form, payment for the license to take advantage of the courses can be made:
 1) via online payment systems
 2) using a payment card:
 - Visa
 - Visa Electron
 - MasterCard
 - MasterCard Electronic
 - Maestro
 3) by traditional transfer at a bank branch or via online banking service to the following account:
London School of Personal Development LTD
590 Kingston Road
London, SW20 8DN
United Kingdom
IBAN: GB68 REVO 0099 6917 2320 50
providing the following information in the title of the payment: abbreviated course name, name and surname of the course participant, and the participant’s e-mail address.
Please inform us always about traditional transfers by e-mail to: info@londonspd.com.
4) The price given for each course is the price in force at the time of placing the order and is binding for both the User and the Seller. Failure to pay the payment within the period in which the Operator is waiting for it means withdrawing from the purchase and cancelling the order.
5) The User may incur additional purchase costs resulting, for example, from bank commissions, fees to Operators, or other possible fees resulting from the selected payment method.
6) The Seller issues VAT invoices at the Buyer's request. Data for the invoice should be sent to the following e-mail address: info@londonspd.com
 7) The buyer may request a VAT invoice only within 3 months from the month of sale or receipt of payment.
After this date, invoices will not be issued.
8) Invoices will be delivered at the Buyer's request in an electronic form, to which the Buyer agrees. 
4. Implementing a sales contract
1) The order processing time is counted from the moment of obtaining a positive payment authorization.
2) If the Buyer chooses the method of payment by bank transfer or payment card - from the moment of registering the payment in the Seller's bank account.
3) After obtaining a positive payment authorization or registering the payment in the Seller's bank account, the User receives, via e-mail, information on how to log in to the e-learning platform along with the login data.
3) The data for registering on the platform shall be sent by the Seller to the e-mail address provided by the Buyer in the Order Form.
4) The access time to the materials is unlimited. The course must be completed within 90 days from the User's first login.

Information concerning data processing
1) The administrator of the User's personal data is: London School of Personal Development LTD, held at 590 Kingston Road, London, SW20 8DN, United Kingdom, Company Number 13231674, hereinafter referred to as the "Administrator".
2) The User's personal data is processed for the purpose of:
- concluding and implementing contracts as well as providing services;
- performing legal obligations by the Administrator towards state institutions in connection with implementing the contract;
- compensation and debt collection, in the event that the User fails to meet the obligations to the Administrator;
- security and protection against claims;
- promoting its services by the Administrator (e-mail newsletter), only if the User grants consent to the processing of data for this purpose;
 3) The administrator processes your data on the basis of:
- the consent given by the User
- concluded contracts or steps taken to conclude them;
- legal obligations incumbent on the Administrator as an employer;
- implementing the legitimate interests of the Administrator. The Administrator considers the legitimate interest to secure own - claims against contractors as well as protection against claims from contractors.
4) The recipient of the User's data may consist in entities cooperating with the Administrator in terms of, for example: accounting services (accounting office), administrative and office services, IT services, as well as state institutions considered as data recipients.
5) The User's personal data will be stored for the period of: the duration of the legal relationship and after its end for 6 years in relation to accounting documents, and in the event of a legal dispute, until the Administrator's claims are time-barred.
6) The User has the following rights: the right to access own data and the right to rectify, delete, limit processing, the right to transfer data, the right to object, the right to withdraw consent to the processing at any time and in any form, unless processing the User's data takes place in order to perform the contract by the Administrator or for the Administrator to fulfil own legal obligations towards state institutions.
7) Providing data by the User is a condition necessary for the Administrator to take actions preceding the conclusion of a contract or in connection with concluding a contract.
8) If you consent to the processing of data for the purpose of promoting services by the Administrator in the form of an e-mail newsletter, your consent is voluntary and may be withdrawn by you at any time.
6. Taking advantage of shared materials
 1) To take advantage of the Training Platform, it is necessary to use computer equipment that meets the following technical conditions: a computer with Internet access (min. 512 kb/s), a graphical web browser supporting JavaScript (for example Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera) and supporting the so-called cookies, installed PDF reading software (for example Adobe Reader, Foxit Reader).
The Administrator/Organizer is not responsible for the User's incorrect computer configuration.
The Administrator/Organizer is not responsible for situations in which a Participant does not take part in the training due to hardware problems with the Participant's computer.
2) Taking advantage of the Platform's resources requires prior logging in with the login data, i.e. password and login provided by the Administrator/Organizer.
3) The User of the course undertakes not to provide third parties with the materials constituting the content of the training, both as a whole and in part, without the written consent of the Administrator/Organizer.
4) The User of the course gets acquainted with the training materials individually.
5) The user carries out verification tests available on the training platform (platform.londonspd.com) individually. The User may solve all the tests after reading all the materials, or can solve them systematically after reading individual modules of the course.
6) In the event that a User breaches the personal rights of the Administrator/Organizer and/or breaches the provisions of the Regulations, the Organizer/Administrator will take appropriate legal steps.
7) All information and training materials posted on the Website or Platform pages are protected by law, and their use for commercial purposes is not allowed and will be treated as an infringement of copyright.

7. Certificates of completing the course
1) Solving all tests assigned to the modules in the course and obtaining a minimum of 70% correct answers from each test and providing a correct written answer to one open question in the last module of the course constitutes the basis for issuing a certificate of completing the general competences course, if the Organizer has provided for relevant certificates. Detailed information concerning certificates of completing a given course can each time be found in the course description.
2) Responses given by Participants to open-ended questions are verified in two rounds each working day, during office hours. In the event of an incorrect answer, the Participant will receive an e-mail notification with the evaluator's comment. The Organizer does not charge the Participant with costs for verifying an answer to an open question once again - it is free of charge.
3) A participant who successfully completed the course informs theLondon School of Personal Development LTD about this fact via an electronic form after completing the course, the link to which that person received via e-mail after meeting the passing conditions described in point 7 sub-points 1 and 2 of these Regulations.
4) Sending documents confirming completing the course is carried out via a method chosen directly by the participant from the shipping methods provided by the Organizer. The Participant is obliged to cover the costs of sending the above-mentioned documents, although the Organizer states that the shipping prices may vary depending on the shipping method chosen by the Participant. Selecting an option should be carried out from the following, available on this subpage.

5) The Organizer is not responsible for errors provided by the Participant in the electronic Form after completing the course. In the event of errors in the electronic Form after completing the course, such as: typos, incorrect and incomplete addresses, re-sending the documents will be carried out after the Participant pays a fee of 10 pounds directly to the account number provided in these Regulations.
6) Duplicate documents are issued at the request of the Participant. The cost of duplicate is £ 5.00.
7) The Organizer is not responsible for the physical condition in which the documents reach the course's Participant. In the event of damage, the Participant shall send complaints directly to Royal Mail

8. Complaints
1) In the event of problems with logging into the e-learning platform or access to the ordered and paid course, the User should immediately notify the Organizer/Administrator via e-mail at info@londonspd.com
 2) Complaints concerning services provided by the London School of Personal Development will be considered within 14 days of receipt at londonspd.com
 3) The Organizer/Administrator is not responsible for damages not caused by the Organizer's/Administrator's fault.

9. Withdrawal from the contract
1) A user who has not started using the e-learning platform may withdraw from the contract without providing any reason within 14 days from the date of its conclusion, obtaining a 100% refund.
2) By starting to use the e-learning platform, the User loses the right to withdraw from the contract.
3) The User may withdraw from the contract by sending an e-mail with information concerning the will to withdraw from the contract at the address of londonspd.com
 4) The Seller shall refund the payment using the same method of payment as used by the consumer, unless the consumer has clearly agreed to a different method of return, which does not involve any costs for the Client.

10. Final provisions
1) The Organizer/Administrator makes every effort to ensure the proper operation of the e-learning platform.
2) The Organizer/Administrator reserves the right to completely or partially disable the website for an indefinite period in order to modernize or repair it.
3) The Organizer/Administrator reserves the right to change the regulations without providing a reason.
4) The User is obliged to read the changes in the Regulations, if he or she uses the website in any way.
5) Using the website is tantamount to accepting the terms of the Regulations, the lack of such acceptance means that the user should not take advantage of the website.